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Sep 29 2011 Published by under [Information&Communication]

So a few months back Google rolled out a new social network, Google+.

I signed up in the first couple of weeks, but I admit I am underwhelmed. Now everyone can join (and seems to be joining and signing up to follow me), but I still prefer Twitter to G+.

So earlier today I was chided to update my G+ stream more often. I figured it was time to do some automation; after all, I have feeds streaming to Twitter and Facebook. Surely now, after all these months, I could send my tweets and blogs directly to G+.

Nope. No can do.

I can put  my twitter feed into my G+ account, but I cannot automatically update my G+ status with tweets, RSS feeds, or anything else.

In some ways, were I Google, I might force this condition so G+ becomes the "common feed." However, it's annoying that I cannot have my blog automatically let G+ know I have a new post. will (still) let me post to Buzz (I thought this service died already), but not to G+.

So for now I will update on G+ when I think about it (not very often), unless someone out there has a solution. But a Google search turned up nothing that does what I want.

Maybe Google wants it that way.

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