Why My Facebook Time Is Dwindling

Oct 02 2011 Published by under [Information&Communication]

When I first signed on, Facebook reunited me with a number of my high school classmates. The social site gave me exactly what I wanted to know - without having to drive to my hometown and spend actual time with anyone. Facebook also made sharing photos with relatives a piece of cake. No more emailing one photo at a time, a real chore when you just took 125 on vacation.

Oh, sure, some of my FB friends spent enormous periods of time in Farmville, but eventually I got that blocked. I kept FB pretty much social; I did not friend anyone I didn't consider a  friend on some level.

Last week FB announced all sorts of changes. I have not embraced them yet. Truth be told, the whole thing angered me. Today, a post over at Mashable said what I had not yet put my finger on:

Facebook Is Getting Too Damn Complicated 

The old FB presented a fairly simple interface that even my parents could navigate. These new bells and whistles just seem like overkill.

It's like when I want to turn the TV off, and I cannot find the remote. I realize at that moment that the set has no visible on/off switch.

That ends my rant. Now we can consider something uplifting, like a donation to DonorsChoose (click the widget in the right column). My giving page includes a variety of science and math needs across the country. Any amount, no matter how small, helps.

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