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Oct 03 2011 Published by under Donors Choose

A few years back, I actually lost weight during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. A bunch of us at work created a support group to hold us accountable to a goal each week. Some of us set exercise goals. Others swore off the drive-through window. We gathered once each week and self-reported our progress. Anyone failing to make goal put $5 in the pot, an amount high enough we all found it annoying to lose, but low enough that we could kiss it goodbye when life intervened.

Pot of Gold

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As one woman put it, one night her children's activities got rescheduled so it was fast food or nothing. She knew the drive-through cost her an additional $5, but it may have been the best money she spent all week. That was also the only time they ate fast food all month.

At the end of the challenge we had a pot of just over $100. We thought about buying lottery tickets, but eventually settled on a coat. One of our housekeeping staff was a recent immigrant who did not have outwear up to Nebraska winter. We got him a heavy-duty parka.

Group support for goals has been around for a long time. Why am I telling you this story? Because you, the WhizBangers, are now my support group. I only made it to the gym once last week. I want to make it at least three times this week. Next week will be a lesser goal because I am traveling, but the week after that I will do 3 work-outs again. What will I do if I fail to make these goals? $25 to my DonorsChoose page.

Want to participate? Feel free to leave your goal and "failure payment" in the comments. Next Monday we will gather here again to compare progress and make payment.

Even if we make our goals, we can still give to DonorsChoose. Supporting education is a great thing to do. Of course, if it gets me to the gym, even better!

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  • jc says:

    I'll workout with you. I'm struggling to squeeze in my gym time. I'll give $5 for each of my missed workouts M-F.

    I still have to do my workout for tonight! See what I mean.

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