Good Intentions; Bad Luck

Oct 07 2011 Published by under Women in Medicine, Women in Science

I had the best of intentions this morning. My gym bag got packed in the car last night. My knee feels fine. I was ready for another series of hills on that elliptical machine.

Flat tire!

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Then an alarm binged on my dash as I pulled into the parking garage this morning. Everything had been fine when I left the house, but now it said to "check tire pressure."

"RR 3lbs" and flat as a pancake.

The temporary spare is now on the right rear, ready to take me to the tire shop. Instead of the gym.


So I will pony up $25 for the kids.

Meanwhile, if you want to read something less whiny, head over to AWEnow and learn about ELATE, a new leadership training program for women faculty in engineering and tech fields. I did ELAM, the academic medicine program on which they based ELATE, and it was awesome, one of the things I have done in this life I would absolutely do again.

If you know women in these fields, pass on the word please.

If you can, donate to DonorsChoose. Click the widget in the right column. I hate to think about some of the basic stuff these kids don't have.

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