Yes, It Is Friday

Oct 14 2011 Published by under Travel, Wackaloonacy

So my live tweeting from Vision2020 was suppressed by our basement location. The events this week focused on working. Last year we conversed and defined the problems women still face in the US. This year we moved toward solutions.

Since no trip goes unpunished, I returned to the office this morning with a bit of trepidation. My assistant greeted me and then asked to copy my driver's license. As I handed it to her, she explained that the hospital wanted a copy of a government-issued ID. We had sent one of my US passport, but the office clerk in the credentials center did not realize that was "government-issued." It was easier to send a copy of my license than argue.


Next week I will discuss my times in Chicago here and at AWEnow (the project I am doing for Vision2020). In the meantime, try to have a great weekend. And consider giving to DonorsChoose.

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