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Nov 07 2011 Published by under Feminist Musings

Last Friday I left my home at 7:30 am and arrived in a different time zone before noon. I am still at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges (#aamc11) having a great time. I went to a very interesting session on social media yesterday, and I will share my thoughts in a bit.

Wednesday I fly to Philadelphia (without an interval at home) for Kidney Week (#kidneywk11). More blog fodder will arise from that gathering.

Today I posted over on Academic Women for Equality Now about a Dutch study and the ability of gender bias reminders to elicit queen bee behavior. It's an interesting phenomenon for those of us XX types, and yet one more reason to try to get bias out of our institutions (like we needed another). Click on over and enjoy (or be dismayed) by this research.

Later, Whizbangers, I will post something here.

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