Where Am I Going?

Nov 21 2011 Published by under [Information&Communication]

A few weeks ago I found an app called Point Inside Maps. This amazing app uses the GPS in iPhones or Android devices and maps of shopping malls and airports to help navigate people around these large, confusing structures. You can follow your progress as a little blue dot in the building. You know quickly if you make a wrong turn.

Point Inside Airport Map

Today was my first day on the inpatient service for my new position. As I wandered about, trying to remember where I came from and where I was going, I wondered why Point Inside hasn't been brought to large medical centers. As major hospitals expand and add buildings, they become far more challenging to navigate than any airport or mall I have ever visited.

True, malls and airports have consumer appeal, and teaming up with the app-maker can make money. Medical centers make money without such endeavors.

Given the number of folks that get lost on our campus, Point Inside for medical centers could be a welcome development.

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