A Day of Thanks

Nov 23 2011 Published by under [Etc]

Tonight, my nest refills. My daughter drives in about 9, and we pick my son up for his first visit home from college a few hours later.

Cranberry bars have been baked. The turkey brine boiled last night. When I get home, the bird will go in the saline to become moist and seasoned. My hubby will start pumpkin pies after dinner. We use his grandmother's recipe.

After getting the sprog home from the airport after midnight, I will arise and wrestle the bird into the oven around 6am. The rolls start their yeast-fueled inflation about that time as well. Then it's back to bed for a few hours before the real cooking begins. Waldorf salad, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes from scratch, and dressing (stuffing made outside the bird) all must be crafted. We can't change the menu; tradition rules at Thanksgiving! I will be adding a bourbon-whipped-cream this year to give the pie that special little kick.

My Usual T-day Greeting

We will dine with the good china and real linen. We will be thankful.

We will be thankful for urine as well. Without the ability of our kidneys to filter waste products from our blood, the Thanksgiving feast would be lessened.

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