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Dec 20 2011 Published by under [Physical Science]

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Recently, hints of the Higgs boson have received a lot of press. I realize that "hints" are like rumors or trends. They are not solid evidence, and this elusive elementary particle(s) may still be ruled out.

Even with those disclaimers, I beg you to grant the physics prize to Peter Higgs who is now 82. Waiting for honest-to-god proof may deny him the highest prize in science.

That would be a shame. Even if the Higgs boson is refuted, the search for it has driven so much in particle physics over the past 30 years that his vision deserves acknowledgement, in my humble opinion.

See, I am not a physicist. My education in subatomic stuff consists of a few magazine articles and books. The fact that a reasonably-well-read kidney doctor knows about this particle and the effort to find it should give you a hint at solid evidence of its influence. Think of all the stuff we've learned smashing particles to try and find this damn thing! Were all those protons collided in vain?

As yet another article about the hunt for mass crosses my desk, I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Thanks for your consideration.



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