A Year in the Rearview Mirror

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Time again to review the year that was. Once again, I will list the first post of each month below to give a feel for an annum of WhizBanging.

January 1: Review of the Livescribe pen I received for Xmas last year

New Year, New Toy

Since Christmas I have been playing around with one of my gifts, the Livescribe Echo pen.

February 1: Part two of my look at the two-body problem in academia

The Body Problem: Tales of the Trailing Spouse

My husband felt ready to move on from Nebraska a couple of years ago, but we both knew that moving our son during high school (just as he finally made the varsity baseball team) would not make us popular.

March 1: Pointer to a serious medical-science post on one of my other sites

Vesicoureteral Reflux: What We Don't Know

I received inspiration today for a post on the management of a common pediatric nephrology problem, vesicoureteral reflux (VUR for short).

April 2: Random musings following travel, plus a piece on failure

Back But Tired

So I landed back in Omaha last night and plopped into my own bed, complete with husband, after midnight.

May 2: Random musings, including shoes!

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

to turn on the media again, the US goes and bags Osama bin Laden, unleashing a frenzy of reporting about the raid and the celebrations.

June 1: One of my book reviews

What I Am Reading: Kidney Edition

Walter A. Hunt's new book fills a niche in the kidney disease market: a book by a patient about living with the knowledge that your kidneys will fail, living with failed kidneys, and surviving it all to get transplanted.

July 1: Complaint about really bad service.

Open Letter to Ramada in Salina Kansas

I understand that you cannot guarantee my room the minute I arrive at your place of business.

August 3: Moving time. Title says it all. Entire post follows.

Moving Sucks

Survival seems likely though. Blogging is highly unlikely.

September 6: First day at the new employer

Back to Work

Today I graced the halls of my new employer.

October 1: Thoughts on Murray's Laws for Success

Murray, not Murphy

I just read a great post over at HBR Blogs on Murray's Laws for Success:

November 1: Stuff that happened, perhaps keeping me from blogging

Since Last I Blogged

The St. Louis Cardinals won their 11th World Series in 2011.

December 1: Reflections on my work

Competing Forces in Medical Care

My November travels took me to the Scientific Sessions for the American Society of Nephrology, a huge gathering of we kidney specialists.

That's the WhizBanger contribution to the year-in-review meme. Hope your holidays are bloggable...in a good way.

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