All Packed for #Scio12

Jan 18 2012 Published by under [Information&Communication]

I have one really tightly packed roll-aboard suitcase and a purse that can hold wallet, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone with some room to spare in case I need a lip gloss. The suitcase contains clothing for 4 days (including closed-toed flats for every outfit), chargers for all devices, toiletries and a nice tote bag. That way on the home trip I can check the suitcase and use the tote for extra swag.

I got the tour I wanted!

Unfortunately, I do not have an extra meeting lanyard. Anywhere. I moved last summer and divested my office and home of unnecessary crap, for lack of a better term. The hospital gift shop had some blingy ones, encrusted with various crystals; I never got by there to pick one up yesterday. Perhaps shopping opportunities will arise during the 2-hour layover in Houston.

Up next I have a Skype with my lab at my former employer. Then I get to do another conference call. Then I scoot to the airport for my visit to the mother ship.

See you in Raleigh, IRL or virtually!

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