Happy Groundhog Day

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Somewhere back east, a long-suffering groundhog has been dragged out to assess the state of his shadow in a completely useless weather prediction. In OKC, the predicted high today is 70. If we have 6 more weeks of this winter, I am all for it.

As I have mused about this holiday, a number of random thoughts crossed in my brain, leading to this post.

First, I have always dreamed of winning an Oscar. Never mind that I came out of the womb with a scientific bent, or that I never pursued the dramatic arts or anything vaguely related to film (unless you count that Star Trek spoof a bunch of us filmed with a super 8 camera when we were 10 or 11 years old). I have long dreamed of standing on that stage thanking the many who made my triumph possible. I would be impeccably dressed and accessorized. They would let me keep the shoes.

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If I ever get around to making that movie, I have decided that this holiday, Groundhog Day, will feature prominently in it.

To understand why, I will point you to the Vanity Fair post from one  year ago, The Top 10 Groundhog Day Movies.

Breaking into that list looks possible, even probable. Sometimes you have to aim low.


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