Personal Branding: Some New Thoughts from the Net

Feb 10 2012 Published by under [LifeTrajectories]

Over a year ago I moderated a session for Science Online 2011 about personal branding. In an era of shrinking budgets for everything, even those of us in academia need to pay attention to our reputation. No job lasts forever. Leading up to the meeting I reviewed two books on the topic.

This week I received information about an upcoming seminar from Expert Visibility. The even will be run by Lorrie Marrero, an organization expert who has achieved fame and fortune. She presents a brief video that introduces the levels of audience and expertise in an interesting way. We all start out as students, with no authority or audience. Eventually we learn to implement our knowledge, with attendant increases in authority and audience. If we proceed further, we become educators.

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At this point, we cross a line and enter "The Fishbowl." We become a Visible Authority with a much larger audience. If we push further, the result would be fame and celebrity.

The books I reviewed included Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand. This one targets folks from the Implementer to Visible Authority level in Marrero's schema. The other book, Fame 101: Powerful Personal Branding & Publicity for Amazing Success, clearly aims for those wanting to enter the Fishbowl and swim to Fame.

This brief video provides a framework to help people identify their branding goals. I wish I could attend her cut-price first conference, but, alas, I have to see patients that weekend.

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