42 Days and Counting

In just over a month thousands of life scientists will gather in San Diego for Experimental Biology, the meeting formerly known as FASEB. In addition to being the annual gathering of the American Physiological Society, this year also celebrates the 125th anniversary of the APS.

Yes, I am proud to be a physiologist!

Of course, I am also honored to be one of the APS's official meeting bloggers! I have access to the press room (I don't suppose that includes a hot tub and wet bar?). This status means I am looking at the meeting in a whole new light. Instead of focusing on my own interests (and using the down-time to relax at the Marriott's poolside bar), I want to communicate things that my audience will appreciate as well.

What things will I definitely cover?

  • APS Communications Committee Symposium: Using Social Media to Communicate About Physiology and You (I'm on the panel, so I have to be there)
  • Physiology in Perspective: The Walter B. Cannon Memorial Award Lecture (Gabriel Navar, a renal physiologist, is the speaker at this opening event)
  • Renal Section Awards Banquet (Another I-have-to-be-there)

I will also likely attend and blog some of the teaching of physiology sessions. As I transition from physician-scientist to physician-educator-administrator (with physiology research as more of a hobby), these sessions have become important for me.

What would you, my loyal readers, like to hear about? I cannot guarantee that I will cover it, but you never know...

Use the links to the meeting sites above to explore the program and exhibits and activities. Provide suggestions in the comments, and I will see how it all fits together.

If you have a student presenting, let me know. I may want to blog their science!


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  • Jenny says:

    If you're still around Wednesday morning, please come and blog the APS Trainee Advisory Committee's symposium "E-media tools for the Professional Scientist."

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