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Mar 23 2012 Published by under [Etc], Beauty, Fashion (or not)

This time of year, I usually glue myself to a television to watch college basketball. Disillusioned after the first-round loss by my Missouri Tigers, I have just lost interest. This leaves me tie to get some stuff done, like preparation for Experimental Biology. More about sessions and science later; this weekend I will prepare  my wardrobe.

When I accepted the panel invitation, I knew which dress I would wear. It is pretty and comfortable and it makes me feel great.

But it needs shoes.

I have multiple DSW coupons in my bag, and I am heading for the store tomorrow morning. Of course, our DSW lies in the same shopping center as Beauty Brands, so my first pedicure of 2012 is scheduled as well (I may lose a pound or two after they trim cuticles and callus). Then more shopping may occur.

At some point, I have to put together a few slides for the social media outreach panel. I can always do that on the plane.

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  • Glfadkt says:

    So... you're not REALLY a college basketball fan, just a (disappointed/disillusioned) Mizzou fan. I stayed up late last night to watch IU loose to hated rival Kentucky, a game that was closer than the final score implied. I only take heart in the fact that I predicted this matchup (and the result) in my bracket, and have UK winning the championship. I would have gladly punted my bracket if the Resurrection version of my Hoosiers had knocked of UK for the 2nd time this season. (Yes, sadly, Rick Vari won back the bottle of Makers that I had won from him in December.) Despite this result, I will be glued to the tv for the remainder of March Madness. Preparations for EB can wait!

  • Pascale says:

    We watched IU-Kentucky Friday. Knew you would be as well.
    I think our expectations wereso high this year that the loss hit harder...and we had baseball to distract us at that point. Now that we are back home, hoops have called again.

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