Waltzing Matilda Needs to Run!

Apr 03 2012 Published by under Women in Science

I posted over at another of my sites about an interesting paper I read on the Matilda Effect in STEM awards.

Not this Matilda

Who is Matilda? She's related to Matthew of biblical fame. Lines from this gospel essentially state that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. In STEM disciplines, this means that more successful senior people get more grants, awards, and accolades, even if younger, less-known investigators propose similar ideas. Matilda refers to the tendency of people to recognize the work of men (like Watson and Crick) but marginalize the contributions of women (like Rosalind Franklin).

So click on over and read about this study of awards to men and women in a variety of STEM fields from 1991-2010. People still blame the lack of women in the pipeline, but this work suggests that hypothesis is wrong!


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