If I Ran the World: Part 1

Apr 11 2012 Published by under Travel

I travel the skies a fair amount, enough to get me 30+ "segments" each year for the lowest elite status on United. Recent flights have pointed out an issue that seems "fixable" on some level.

Living in Oklahoma City, the first leg of every trip is from Will Rogers World Airport (yup, named after a guy who died in a plan crash) to a hub. From the hub airport, after 1+ hours, I then board a plane to where-I-really-want-to-go. When booking each trip, I have to make a bet, a game I call hub roulette. In December or January, Houston generally has better odds than O'Hare or Denver. In the spring, you never know which way to go. On vacation in March, I bet on Houston, and we damn near spent the night there because of thunderstorms in Texas that grounded our flight from OKC for 3 hours (but not the one we connected to in Texas which flew in from Seattle and got to take off on time). Had I chosen a Chicago connection we would have been better off, but you cannot know that 2 or 3 months in advance.

What I really want to do is tell the airlines that I want to travel from my home to a final destination on a given date and have them get me there. I can specify a time frame for departure or arrival and then let them pick the actual route the day before! I don't care if I'm spending a couple of hours in Houston or Chicago; I'm only there because they make me!

Now, there are no complete guarantees. The plane I need to get on may be coming from a location with bad weather or other issues. But I hate rolling the dice on which hub city will have clear weather on a given date months down the line.

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  • Gary Beck says:

    I definitely avoid O'Hell at all costs. I've found going to Minneapolis or Memphis on Delta is more reliable to get me out of Omaha than taking a flight that would go through the worst of all airports!

    • Pascale says:

      I know enough people who fly Delta that I can assure you your luck will run out eventually. I also prefer O'Hare to Atlanta.
      Since the merger with Continental I have flown through Houston quite a bit. It's a mess (even less organized than O'Hare), but the weather is generally less of a problem until spring thunder storms.
      The bottom line is I don't care where I connect as long as I get to my final destination.

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