#EB2012: I Can Haz Hashtags Pleez?

Apr 18 2012 Published by under EB2012 Meeting

A few posts back I came up with hashtags for some events at Experimental Biology that I hope to immortalize, perhaps via Storify. The latter is a service that lets one collect tweets, Facebook updates, and other posts around and about the internet into a single story. Using unified hashtags to identify tweets and other links will help me find your input to include.

Here are the tags I suggested so far:

  • #apsACE         Animal Research: A Toolkit for Investigators (Sat, Apr 21, 1pm, 25B)
  • #apsComm    Using Social Media to Communicate About Physiology and You (Sat, Apr 21, 3pm, 25C)
  • #Navar              Physiology in Perspective: The Walter B. Cannon Memorial Award Lecture (Sat, Apr 21, 5:45pm, Ballroom 20A)
  • #apsParty       APS Beach Party (Sat, Apr 21, 7pm, North Embarcadero)

All of these sessions occur on day 1 of the big meeting. Of course, there are four more days of fun and science that follow this one, and I cannot attend everything. I do not plan to designate hashtags for every session either (wouldn't it be cool if that were included in the meeting program, so we would all be on the same page?). That's where the rest of you Whizbangers come in. In the comments, let me know sessions that look yummy to you and suggest a hashtag. Then tweet the session and encourage others to do the same. That way everyone can follow along.

Who knows? I may even end up Storifying something you suggest! Imagine, being immortalized here on the internet!

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