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Dr. William (Bill) Galey will deliver The Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship of the APS Teaching of Physiology Section on Sunday, April 22, at 10:30 am in Room 27 of the San Diego Convention Center. If you tweet about the lecture, please use #Galey as your hashtag.

Bernard and the Lectureship

The Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship is awarded to an established investigator with a history of excellence in education who is making outstanding contributions to teaching and learning. This award is not restricted to APS members. The award is named for a 19th century French physiologist who pushed science and science education from “product” to “process” by incorporating experimentation, demonstration, and other activities.

Bill Galey

Dr. Galey

Born in Boise, Idaho, Bill Galey grew up on a small farm and was fascinated by the birth, growth, and death of the animals about him. He always wanted to know "how and why" things, such as plants and animals, and even machines, work the way they do. He decided to study science because of his interest in understanding how things work.

He was the first member of his family to attend college. He ultimately obtained a PhD from the University of Oregon.  After fellowship at Harvard and a brief period in the pharmaceutical industry, he joined the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine where he conducted research and taught medical and graduate students. Bill was active in the development and implementation of problem based learning as well as numerous other educational innovations while a faculty member at New Mexico and was a founding member of IAMSE. Subsequently Dr Galey held various administrative positions including Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Interim Dean for Research at UNMSOM before joining HHMI in 2002.

Dr. Galey is currently Director of Graduate and Medical Education Programs at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, running HHMI's programs to enhance biomedical science graduate education and scientific training of medical students. Among the programs under his directorship are HHMI's Medical Research Fellows Program and the HHMI-NIH Medical Research Scholars Program, which provide opportunities for medical students to engage in an intensive year of research. Dr. Galey was instrumental in developing and conducting the HHMI partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges known as Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians (SFFP), which sets out the scientific competencies needed by physicians to practice medicine in the 21st century. Graduate education efforts under Galey's direction include the very successful Med into Grad Program, which supports efforts of graduate programs to graduate PhDs with a strong understanding of medicine. Dr. Galey's group also administers HHMI's Gilliam Fellowship Program, which provides predoctoral support to individuals committed to creating a more diverse professoriate. A new program known as the HHMI International Student Dissertation Research Fellowship Program is being initiated to support international graduate students during their dissertation research. Dr. Galey and his group also developed and conducted a highly successful partnership with the NIH to integrate graduate training in the physical and computational sciences with the biomedical sciences in a program known as Interfaces.


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