So Long, #EB2012

Apr 25 2012 Published by under [Information&Communication], EB2012 Meeting

So long, farewell, etc...

My suitcase lies open on the bed, awaiting the cooling process to make my hair iron packable. If I knew more physics, I might be able to discuss why this takes so long. Lucky for you, physics bored me.

I have material for at least two more posts that may happen soon, or they may wait until next week. Tomorrow I must jet off to a meeting in DC. I hate it when my day jobs interfere with le blogging.

I had a great time blogging Experimental Biology. I planned my meeting in more detail than I have since my very first conference in fellowship. I saw a greater breadth of sessions, took better notes, and synthesized my thoughts. I learned a hell of a lot this year. Even if I am not an official meeting blogger, I may start approaching conferences in this manner. I have always learned by organizing the information in writing. In college and medical school I used a typewriter; now my thoughts go out in the blogosphere or in my Dropbox. Same process, different tools.

Of course, I really enjoyed catching up with my IRL and OTI friends. You all know who you are. And even if I never accomplished anything else, I will leave behind a Storify of the taint talk.

They say it taint over (sorry, I had to go there) 'til the fat lady sings, and she is warming up for her farewell to #EB2012.


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