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I keep seeing these articles in which members of government (henceforth MOG) suggest that faculty in higher education are underworked and overpaid. They keep suggesting ways we can be leaner and more efficient, invariably turning to technology and the internet.

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Here's a a thought: Let's harness technology to make our government more efficient. All MOGs do all day is talk; to each other, to their constituents, to lobbyists, and to advocates. Surely they can do that via email or Skype. Constituents and advocates try to persuade MOGs by educating them about their issues; education no longer requires face-to-face interaction, right? And lobbyists? Just add a Paypal button and the bucks can still flow in.

Think of how much we could save on buildings and government employees. Seems like those "smaller government" MOGs should jump at the chance to cut their staffs and costs. They would no longer have to pay for those DC residences and clubs since they could stay in their home districts.

What's that,  you say? You need that personal connection? There is value in meeting face-to-face? Government requires that human interaction?


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