Outcomes, Not Tools

May 17 2012 Published by under [Information&Communication]

Earlier I wrote about my time at the meeting of Women Executives in Science & Healthcare. We do have and welcome male members, but the vast majority of this group are like me, middle-aged women who have achieved a leadership position in science or healthcare (including hospital management, academic medicine and dentistry, biotech companies, PHARMA - you get the picture).

In short, not the most "online" group in the world.

The earlier post included a Storify summary of a presentation by Kevin Knebl, a networking guru. He walked the group through LinkedIn, and the participants ate it up. He coached them through their fear.

Aside from the nuts-and-bolts of the networking site, he had one major message: don't focus on the tool (social media); work on the outcome (networking).

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others are just new ways to connect to other human beings, something people have done since the dawn of time. Yes, it makes us more visible to others, but it also widens our networks. These networks are merely new tools, not a mysterious new process or world. My own husband sees them wasting time, but I see them as a valuable extension of what I need to do anyway.

Since that message seems to escape a lot of folks in my demographic (not just the one I married), I figured it could use repeating here.

And if you have a techno-phobic group you want to embrace social media, then Kevin may be the guy to help you do this task. He certainly worked for WESH.

If you want to learn how to get started with LinkedIn, click here for my introduction to the service.

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  • Thanks for this post. The message that this s the new "e-mail" has resonce. It is also the new "news media.". Dan Rather, out promoting his new book, says you have to use social media. It s where to news breaks.

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