A Big Prize for a Modern Scourge

Jun 07 2012 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

The Oklahoma Diabetes Center came to life in 2006 through an act of the state legislature. The Harold and Sue Ann Hamm Foundation provided its name two years later. Harold Hamm subsequently endowed a professorship in Diabetes Clinical Research which my husband filled in 2011.

Today the Center announced the Harold Hamm International Prize for Biomedical Research in Diabetes, an award to be the Nobel prize of diabetes research. The award will be given biennially to individual researchers, research teams, or research institutions by a rotating jury of accomplished experts. The prize will recognize scientific merit with emphasis on progress towards a cure for any form of diabetes.

One-third of children born today are projected to develop diabetes in their lifetime. I hope this award and the attention of benefactors like Mr. Hamm can help us achieve the lofty goal of curing this scourge.

Want to watch the press conference (Hubby waves at the camera early in the proceedings)? Click here.

The announcement came from Philadelphia rather than Oklahoma City because the Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association are there this week (#ADA2012). I will be blogging from that meeting Saturday - Tuesday. Tune in for more about this disease!


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