Hurrah for Healthcare

Jun 29 2012 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

In case you spent yesterday under a rock, the US Supreme Court ruled that the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was, in essence, a tax, making the entire law constitutional. Now we can start implementing the law, bringing a lot of good stuff to the American people.

Of course, the phone kept ringing from my local representatives inviting me to town hall meetings to discuss how we can repeal this violation of our personal liberties.

Really? I have health insurance right now, and I do not feel any loss of freedom. Many patients I know would like to be able to purchase health care, but someone in their family has a pre-existing condition that precludes coverage. Implementation of  the ACA will give them freedom to see their providers and take care of themselves.

My state makes me buy car insurance. Of course, I am free to opt out if I do not drive a car (which would be nearly impossible in this city). However, the healthcare plan in Massachusetts (passed by then-Governor Romney) has a similar requirement for health insurance.

So a mandate by a state, through some sort of magic, is good for you, but a federal mandate saps your freedom?


I have ranted enough. I hope that we can soon accept the ACA and move onto other things that the government should do.

Yes, the founding fathers never envisioned universal health coverage, but leeches were cheaper than prescription drugs.

Have a good weekend, all.

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  • Dev says:

    I don't understand the ongoing fight, but the facts are that the expenses do not match the health status of the nation, AND Obama is producing legislation to fix what he already found like that.

    But what is puzzling to me is why so many illnesses, why the tremendous amount of work output does not yield improvements.

    Maybe the answer is a single and integrated system that is accountable or responsible. I don't see prescription drugs as being the only issue being debated.

    But I agree that Obama has achieved a good one.

  • Dev says:

    If most of the current problems come from a political struggle between power groups, then the main problem to solve is there.

    The medical and science groups should resolve the health problems with those tools, from any end of the spectrum. So, why isn't happening? that issue should be independent of politics, and I believe that should be the goal of a true progressive society.

    If people cannot pay for lack of income, and this is the majority, the burden on the system has to be alleviated, which means that the current inverse trend has to be reversed. And what we see is not that. And that is not just Obama's fault.

    The answer should be in stopping the fighting, addressing the main health issues by coming to an agreement as to what works best on what, or in combination with what, put responsibility back in place.

    The economic system is faulty and it needs to be fixed or it will trash any good legislation. If people don't see that you must conclude that there's something very wrong with people's overlook outlook, or even health.

    It's improving, though.

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