Is That a Pineapple in Your Sex Juice?

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Image of the magic fruit from Wikimedia Commons

So this week I encountered someone ranting about a lack of pineapple juice to drink. They attributed this shortage to its magic effect on the taste and odor of sexual fluids.

A quick Google revealed more than 5,000 posts on the wonders that the pineapple can provide the vagina, several of which also mentioned benefits for semen.

How did I live 51 years without knowing this "fact?"

See, that's the problem. A lot of folks say this, but a search of PubMed revealed nothing about it. Pineapple contains some enzymes that can dilate the cervix, so you do pull up a few articles with "pineapple" and "vagina." Alas, none deal with odor, let alone flavor.

Google Scholar did reveal some publications. Most were books on natural remedies and the power of groceries against disease. Not a randomized double-blind controlled trial in sight.


I finally wandered over to Pork and Gin, a web site with lots of information about things we ingest. One of the contributors actually organized a study of 6 willing heterosexual couples who agreed to have one partner eat pineapple and the other to rate overall quality and sweetness of "sex wee" for a week (their term, not mine). No blinding, no randomization, and no control group. As a reviewer I would reject it, but right now it's all we've got.

Results from the Pineapple Sex Test; click to enlarge

The ratings overall increased by day 4-5 of pineapple consumption. Results for the increase were similar in the taste of shes and hes.

The pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality, in more ways than I knew!

I also ran across something suggesting that Cool Ranch Doritos(R) make your vagina smell bad; you should always eat them with a pineapple juice chaser! No studies of any kind for this one; any volunteers for a little citizen science?

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  • I'm curious; did they check whether the pineapple represented an overall increase in the the amount of fruit eaten on a daily basis? Could this be a more general effect of eating healthily?

    • Pascale says:

      In a word, no. They didn't have a control group! They just asked 6 couples to have one eat pineapple and the other to rate their taste for a week.
      The effect has been attributed to other fruits including cherries (now that sounds like the set-up for a joke) and a variety of tropical fruits (perhaps when mangos surround you, your enjoyment of everything goes up?).
      No, all sorts of questions remain to be answered here.
      Perhaps Dole would give me a small grant...

  • John says:

    I noticed that consuming large amounts of pineapple juice (for reasons unrelated to sexual enhancement), about 1.3 liters/day causes certain bodily fluids to take on a quite clear fruity/pineapply odor. I bet one could purify the causative compounds and come up with a pill that makes one's certain bodily fluids to adopt an even stronger tootie fruity odor.... and for the record I don't recall any other beneficial effects mind you.

    • Pascale says:

      The only way I believe we could do a valid study is to encapsulate pineapple or its essence; pineapple consumption is pretty difficult to mask otherwise for a double-blind study. That would allow placebo control and a crossover model.

  • Sxydocma1 says:

    Between this post and your cat dressage comment, I think I peed myself.

  • Hi,

    This is John, from Pork & Gin.

    Just to clarify, we did not have a control group or anything else that we should have had for any really effective scientific study.

    We simply set an amount of pineapple to be eaten daily and gave a scorecard.

    We are not scientists, we write about food. 🙂

    I would love to see the results of a real study though!

  • Neuroskeptic says:

    A double blind controlled trial would be possible, if you could find a way of taking pineapple juice and boiling it down to a syrup, do the same thing with another fruit (let's say orange), and then disguise the taste and smell so people eating it didn't know which was which. Maybe make it as concentrated as possible, then put it into some capsules?

    • Pascale says:

      I would use pineapple capsules but for my control I would use a purer placebo, perhaps a high fructose corn syrup (sugar without other essences). Several fruits have been reported to do this, including cherries and other tropicals. If I wanted a fruit control arm, I would use apples since I've seen nothing beneficial reported for them.
      I can think of a whole series of experiments: are there detectable changes in vaginal chemistry and flora with pineapple loading? Is there a dose response? What is the critical component in pineapple if it is effective?
      Since none of this has any life-saving benefit (although one could make quality of life arguments, I suppose) I cannot see it ever being funded by anyone.
      Unless...I mean, many of the advances of the internet (better video, photos, etc) were driven by the porn industry. Perhaps someone "down in the valley" wants to know...

      • Neuroskeptic says:

        It's the kind of study that would get tons of media attention though, it ticks all the boxes, "wacky", "sex", "food" and more. So I bet you could get quite a bit of funding from a risqué company that wanted cheap advertising, just promise you'll put their name at the top of all the press releases.

  • Db says:

    Very interesting reading, yet my endo man said dont forget "The sugar would not get past first -pass metabolization ...," xoxoxodb

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