Why Carrying Guns Is a Bad Idea

Aug 23 2012 Published by under [Etc]

I just returned to the office after a few days to deliver my son back to his university. Thanks to electronic communications, the pile of crap from which I must dig out is smaller than the old days, but I still have a bunch of stuff to consider. Some involves scheduling over the next couple of months, and I just had this series of texts with my husband.

Me: When is the gala?

Him: That's the gala where they make the big announcement.

Me: And it's in October? This fall?

Him: The first event is this fall.

Me: Do you have a date? I need to schedule some stuff.

Him: You can't go?

Me: I can if you give me the date to make sure I don't schedule the other stuff.

Him: Oh.

If I were carrying, I might walk over to his office and just shoot him. Of course, I still don't know the damn date I need to schedule my stuff around...

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