The Fallin Fallacy

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Result of federal legislation

Regular readers likely figured out a while back that my politics fall left of center. When my husband wants to torture me, he turns to Fox News and withholds the remote. He gets just as crazy with the current Republicans as I do, so we have not tuned into their convention.

Unfortunately, when the governor speaks, your local stations replay it. Ever since I heard Mary Fallin's excerpts on the radio this morning, my head has been spinning. Lucky for me, Charles P. Pierce of Esquire's The Politics Blog, got his disbelief and nausea under control and took her to task. I will post his take on the Fallin Fallacy here, but it's worth clicking over to his original post for more Day 1 RNC Wackalunacy.

It was about halfway through the speech given by Mary Fallin, by the grace of a pitiless god the governor of Oklahoma, where I finally came close to losing it. She rolled herself into this remarkable passage:

The history of my great state of Oklahoma offers a great example of pursuing the American Dream. It was built and settled by pioneers moving west to seek better lives. During the Great Land Run of 1889, thousands of families rushed to put a stake down on empty plots of land. They built tent cities overnight. They farmed the land and they worked hard. And, in 1897, eight years after the land run, a handful of adventurous pioneers risked their own money — not the federal government's money — to drill Oklahoma's first oil well, the Nellie Johnstone. By doing so, these early-day pioneers changed the future and Oklahoma forever and today Oklahoma is one of the nation's key energy producers and job creators. President Obama wants us to believe that Oklahomans owe that success to the federal government — to the Department Of Energy,to the EPA, to the IRS, or maybe even to him. Mr. President, we know better. As we say in Oklahoma, that dog won't hunt.

Handed in as a seventh-grade history essay, this would get no better than a D. Delivered to the convention of one of our only two political parties, it was perhaps the most singularly dishonest speech I have ever seen a politician give, and I grew up in Massachusetts, and Willard Romney was once my governor. My god, Oklahomans wouldn't even have Oklahoma without the federal government, without the Homestead Act of 1889 or the Railroad Act — both, by the way, achievements of a Republican presidents named Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Harrison. And the land wasn't exactly "empty," Governor. It got emptied by a big-government program called the United States Army. You know what your state would be without the federal government, Governor, without the votes for the legislation from congressmen from the east and north, without the soldiers from New England and the Great Lakes? You know what Oklahoma would be?

Sand, with a whole lot of pissed-off Native Americans.

Click on over to the original post. And join me tonight watching reruns of Big Bang Theory and ignoring the wackiness in Tampa.

You'll feel better. Trust me, I'm a doctor!


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