1963 Flashback

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I had a brother who died in infancy of complications of prematurity. Like many young couples, my parents had not contemplated their eternal resting place plans. When forced to make a decision, they bought plots with their parents in their home town and buried the baby there.

Many years have passed, and my parents now plan to be cremated. Ash scattering locations shift from time to time, but they do not plan to use these cemetery plots. They initially tried selling them, but no one would pay enough to cover the costs of the deed transfer. They finally settled on donating them to their parents' church.

They dug the deed out of storage and found an interesting clause:

No person of the Negro race or of African descent shall be buried in these plots.

Yup, Sedalia, MO, in 1963 still had segregated grave yards.  It's sometimes hard to believe how far we have come just in my lifetime.

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