Oklahoma Bonus

Oct 07 2012 Published by under [Etc]

Last election I lived in Omaha, a city with a media market that served western Iowa. Even though I lived in a very red state, I still had to see all the ads for the swing state next door.

They made me angry.

Being smack-dab in the middle of an even redder state with no blue or purple state in sight, I haven't seen many political ads. We really have no local races this year, and the congressional reps are well-established.

I don't get as upset when I don't have to hear the smack.

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  • Physician Scientist says:

    We live in a real battleground state. Last election, I wasn't voting for Obama, but didn't like Palin added to the republican ticket. To make matters worse, the Obama canvassers came to our house 10 of 14 days pre-election right while we were in the middle of getting our kids to bed. Needless to say, the wife wasn't happy. I bought a Bob Barr (libertarian) sign and planted it on our front lawn. Got rid of the Obama canvassers.

    I kept the Bob Barr sign in case I needed it this year. The strange thing is that we've had only 1 Obama canvasser visit this year. I think enthusiasm might be down for Obama, but I've kept my sign just in case.

  • Glfadkt says:

    Count your blessings, Pascale. Once again, Omaha is replete with ads from both sides, and both are rampantly stretching the truth (to put it nicely) hoping that everyone blindly believes what they're told. It is very frustrating and REALLY annoying. Worst that the 2008 election...

  • Glfadkt says:

    Really: worse than that 2008 election

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