That Special Time of Year

Oct 31 2012 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

Like Christmas on Halloween!

It's time to pack up the laptop and other gizmos and head to the West Coast.

It's Kidney Week! Thousands of us with interests in urine and all things related will invade San Diego for science and debate and fun.

I will be tweeting from this meeting through Saturday, when I leave for San Francisco and the meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

By the way, with eight days of travel and a black-tie event, I'm checking a bag. Just a couple of totes for the gizmos and meds, both of which will fit under the seat in front of me.

I also mailed my absentee ballot last week. If you don't vote, you aren't allowed to complain. And I do so like to complain...

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