Black Friday Memories

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During my childhood, Thanksgiving was spent at my grandparents' home in a small central Missouri town. Their abode had two advantages. First, they had cable television and easy access to Star Trek re-runs; my city had all 3 major networks and was one of the last areas in the state to get wired. Second, they lived closer to Kansas City and some great shopping centers.

The day after Thanksgiving, we would all get in one of the vehicles and drive to Kansas City and hit the malls. We avoided the Plaza which had crazy crowds there to see the lights. The suburban malls had great stores that we did not otherwise have access to in this pre-internet age. Yes, they were crowded, but the holiday decor had magically shown up (I'm sure elves placed it in the mall over Thanksgiving day), the deals were great, and we were part of it all. It was part of our tradition.

Fast forward 40 years. Today, I try to avoid all stores on Black Friday. Once the day got its name, stores began competing for the crowds more actively. Rock-bottom prices then were no longer enough to bring in shoppers, so stores began opening earlier and earlier. This year several will open on Thursday evening. Excuse me, but Thursday is not Friday!

We need some way to stop the madness.

I invite you to join me this Friday in sleeping late. After cooking and eating the day before, a day of sloth seems in order.

National Day of Sloth...perhaps it will catch on!

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