Clark Kent vs Superman

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Today's Little Pink Book raised an interesting question: do you have an alter-ego?

"Your alter ego is a part of you that you haven't expressed," says Anne-Louise Sterry, motivational speaker and presentation coach who uses alter egos. "Find those pieces of yourself you haven't expressed, that stop you from moving forward."

Nervous you'll come off as contrived? Sterry insists you can have an alter egoand be authentic. Think of it as accessing positive traits that you already have or want. "We all have parts that we don't express. This is just another part of your personality," she says.

The most obvious use of this technique came from my daughter. When she went on stage, she often let "Swing Choir Jenny" do it for her. This Barbie-like alter-ego existed to smile and bubble over on stage. When she began her current work in public relations, she often had to cold-call potential donors for charities and events. When asked how she could stand to do this task, she said it was easy: "I let Swing Choir Jenny do it." Apparently Swing Choir Jenny can take insults and rejection without any injury to her self-esteem.

I cannot think of anything that I compartmentalize quite that well. I can think of a couple of tasks that I always wish someone else would handle. Perhaps I need that alter-ego after all!

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