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Dec 21 2012 Published by under Wackaloonacy

Following the cue of Brother Drugmonkey, I present my first posts from each month for the past year. Title and first sentences are posted below in chronological order. Titles will take you to the full post.

Based on Rose Parade, 2012 Will Rock

Yesterday I caught about 5 minutes of the Tournament of Roses Parade, but what a float! I finally found some video of Surf's Up!

Happy Groundhog Day

Somewhere back east, a long-suffering groundhog has been dragged out to assess the state of his shadow in a completely useless weather prediction.

What I Am Reading: Why I Cannot Stop

Unless you have been completely disconnected from mainstream media for the past 3 weeks, you have heard something about The Power of Habit, a book by Charles Duhigg.

What I Am Reading: This Is Klout?

A few weeks back I saw a blurb for Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing.

Career Choices

It distresses me that few students and trainees wish to follow in my footsteps.

Like Sliding Down a Rainbow to Kittentown

Easy does not describe my day.

Requiem for the iFish

Today I found my iFish once again on the bottom of his bowl.

More on Sponsors Plus Bonus Squee

I have written before about sponsors versus mentors.

Never Forget

Today is Labor Day.

What I Am Reading: Shoes!

Marilyn sang about diamonds, but I firmly believe shoes are a girl's best friend.

"Fluid Is a Drug"

Kidney Week 2012 is in full swing.

Occupational and Other Hazards

Last week I developed my first cold of the season, and it was a doozy!

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