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Apr 17 2013 Published by under EB2013

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Winston Churchill during the Battle of Britain admonished folks to KBO or keep buggering on (he would use "plodding" when his delicate lady typists were present).  In my case, KBO will be my motto for Experimental Biology in Boston, as noted in the title of today's post.

I have picked out some sessions that I want to hear and write about. Now I want to give Whizbangers the chance to nominate presentations. Do you have an abstract that you would like featured? I am game to write about it (although you neuroscientists will have to assume a very rudimentary background knowledge on my part). Either send me a message on twitter (@PHLane) or you can email me (pascalelane) at gmail etc.

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Keep an eye on my twitter feed to know when my meeting posts go up. Also be ready for more ASPET jokes; ASPET is just so much fun to say!


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