End of an Era

Apr 29 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Several years ago, as a social media newbie, I received a link to a blog post written by Isis the Scientist. The post on science rang true, and I dug through her site.

How had I missed this place? There's another woman out there who does science and loves shoes?

Seriously, wedding Uggs?

Apparently, Isis has found the end of this road, if her blog can be believed.

Who will save the world from Uggs?

After tweeting that thought, I realized that those of us who remain in this bloggy world of #FWDAOTI must step up to fill her shoes, fabulous as they are. To that end, I offer my latest acquisition:

Me Too Kaden Flats (Click for DSW)

Me Too Kaden Flats
(Click for DSW)

These shoes truly go with everything, especially the ankle lengths pants that were all over the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center at Experimental Biology last week. Unlike typical ballet flats, these have a bit of padding and arch support. I picked them up at my local DSW for $49.95, and you can get them online if you click the pic.

I will miss our domestic and laboratory goddess and her bloggy hijinks. I will miss dinner challenges. I may even miss some of the fitness douchery she has promoted lately! I wish her well, and I hope she finds time to continue on twitter.

I mean, really, how long does it take to generate 140 witty characters?

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