Friday Fun for Fingers

May 17 2013 Published by under Fashion (or not)

Lately I have been going gaga for nail polish. I have no qualms about how it fits, and nail art scares families less than wild make-up or clothing on their doctor. It's a lot cheaper than shoes as well.

Julep delighted me by creating their Maven program. Julep nail polish comes in 8 mL bottles (drugstore polish usually measures 15 mL), and Sephora is their only retailer in my neck of the woods. Oh, and each bottle costs $14.99,  a fairly hefty price.

To become a Maven, you first take a style quiz that assigns you to a category - Modern Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, or It Girl. I am Classic with a Twist. Each month you get an email showing you your style selections for that month. You can choose your assigned category, a box from another grouping, opt out that month, or even gift your box to someone else. Each month includes 2 or 3 full-size bottles of polish plus a bonus surprise, like nail files, glycolic hand scrub, and other products.

Click to Enlarge the Starter Box

Click to Enlarge the Starter Box

The cost for this goody box is $19.99. You get at least $30 worth of nail polish if sold separately! As an additional bonus, at check-out you can order more bottles of polish at a steep discount. I added a sparkly bronze to my intro box for $4.99.

I like to change up my colors frequently, so I do not mind new small bottles each month. If I find a color I simply must have, I can always buy it again at a discount. So far, I do not see a downside here.

Another perk (yes, more!) are mystery boxes. Each month you can purchase a second box of mystery colors, sight unseen. That box should arrive next week for me.

You also earn points for spending on the site. 2000 Jules (their units) will pay for your $20 box. Referring a friend who signs up as a Maven gets you 1000 points; 2 friends and a month is free!

Classic with a Twist: Natalie and Debra

Classic with a Twist: Natalie and Debra

Everyone needs some fun in their life. For me, nail polish is a cheap thrill, especially at $20 per month. I just finished applying the pinky-coral Natalie (see lower image). I will let you know how it wears!


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