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Jun 06 2013 Published by under What I'm Reading

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Right now, you are reading a blog. You obviously know something about the online world. You probably think of Web 2.0 as a generally friendly and useful place.

Your doctor probably thinks of it like those historic maps: "Here be monsters."

Enter this book by Kevin Pho, of KevinMD fame. His recent book provides a primer on the online landscape for medical practitioners. He outlines  the way patients use the internet and why it matters to healthcare providers. He reviews the usual social media platforms with their potential for good and evil. He also addresses reputation management for search engines; if you get your story out there it will rise to the top and trump what others may say.

For someone who is fluent in Web 2.0, the most interesting section dealt with various physician rating sites. He goes through a dozen of sites and outlines how you can monitor what your patients say. On most sites, physicians can see their information freely. I still haven't gone there; I mean, I have barely had time to write on this blog.

If you are reading this post, you probably do not need to read this book. You may know someone who could use this information, though.


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