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Over at my other place, Academic Women for Equality Now, I have been creating female leadership gradecards for US medical colleges. Generating a report that contains all of these documents produces a large file, one that crushes the capabilities of most WordPress sites. Two years ago I got creative and found a bunch of work-arounds.

This year I put the whole thing on Figshare, a wonderful data-sharing site that I learned about at Science Online 2013. As shown in the figure, I can post a variety of formats there with a bunch of meta-data. Others can download, comment, and share what I have posted. They even provide a citation format and export capabilities to a number of reference management programs.

Figshare data can now be embedded on another site, like this blog!

Now those of you who just cannot be bothered to click a few links can get this report right here! Feel free to share this report with anyone who will listen (that's sort of the point); just give me some credit and use this citation:

Women Leaders in Academic Medicine 2013. Pascale Lane. figshare.

Retrieved 15:14, Jun 20, 2013 (GMT)


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