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My name is Pascale, and I am a geek.

I love electronic gizmos and gadgets, so I am always on the look-out for that app that will transform my life in some way. A few weeks ago, I downloaded Tempo AI to try on my iPhone. I am officially in love.

The AI stands for artificial intelligence, and this app tries to be your omniscient personal assistant. When you make an appointment, it scans your email and attachments for appropriate documents related to the meeting. Running late? If you have entered your next appointment's attendees, you can send them messages via the app. If your flights are on your calendar, it will track them and update.

Today I used its conference call feature for the first time. I opened my call appointment, and my iPhone dialed the main number. It then listed my passcode in a button on my phone screen: no awkward skipping through the phone for the passcode, and no scribbling it on a sticky note.

Here's their overview video:

Tempo is free right now. It is a pretty amazing app from the same folks who brought us Siri, far more useful than Apple's native calendar app. I use mine with my Outlook Calendar and Email plus two other email accounts (3 is the current limit). It also connects with Facebook, so you can post birthday greetings directly from your calendar. LinkedIn connections provide rich information about contacts and meeting attendees.

I was hoping, given the relationship between Apple and these developers, that Tempo would be the default calendar app for iOS 7. Since it is not, download it and give it a try. I think you will love your new assistant, even without voice recognition.

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