Safe Paddling

Jul 09 2013 Published by under Gadgets, gizmos

I finally got to take my Christmas-gift, a cherry-red kayak, out for a spin last week. Paddling down the lake into the river relaxed me, especially viewing all the birds and even a beaver up close.

Unfortunately, I am now covering the inpatient service for the rest of July. I cannot separate from my mobile phone for two hours of R&R. How can I carry my phone yet keep it safe from the water?

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The BubbleShield by The Joy Factory provides that layer of protection for most smartphones. As you can see in the photo, this device is a high-tech zip-lock baggie for your phone. The back-side is completely clear so it will not interfere with camera use. The front-side provides touch transfer so you can use your phone almost like it's naked. Sounds transmits beautifully in both directions through the plastic.

The bag just holds my iPhone 4 with its Mophie battery pack. Up above the double zippers is a reinforced hole that I will use to attach my phone to a lanyard around my neck or a clip to my flotation vest.

These can be purchased from The Joy Factory site in packs of 5 for $19.95. Now I feel safer taking call from my kayak.


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