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Jul 25 2013 Published by under Feminist Musings

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Once again, I have encountered folks complaining about feminization of tools with pink or floral patterns on hammers, screwdrivers, and toolboxes.

When I first encountered these items in a craft store, I also felt this way. How condescending that we women need girly designs on our contraptions to feel comfortable!

I had purchased my own screwdriver and hammer to keep in my utility drawer for household repairs. That way I did not have to muck about in a toolbox in the garage, especially in extremely hot or cold weather. Unfortunately, my husband and son discovered my tools, and their convenient location, and started using them. They inevitably ended up in my husband's garage-based toolbox rather than my utility drawer.

I bought myself floral tools.

There is now no question about whose tools these are and where they belong. Sure, I could have inscribed my mark with a Sharpie, but the boys would not have noticed that, even with bright 1-inch letters. Flowers and girly colors cannot be ignored, though, and my tools make it back to my drawer now.

In general, I dislike the "pinkification" of all toys marketed to girls. On the other hand, I refuse to believe that anyone might doubt my abilities because I wear pink shoes.

And no one can doubt the power of my blue floral hammer.


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