Superpowers, Please

Oct 25 2013 Published by under Beauty

This week I succumbed to temptation and purchased Sephora's new nail polish system. They named it Formula X, and I thought for sure I would get superpowers; however, it does not contain Chemical X, the secret ingredient that led to the Powerpuff Girls. While that is disappointing, it still makes for some good nail polish.

Formula X System

Formula X System

The starter kit cost $32 and includes 4 bottles. First is a nail cleaner that will remove oily residue from your nails. I have found ethyl acetate solutions like this one superior to plain isopropyl alcohol. Next, I added the white stuff to selected nails. This ridge-filler ($14) does a great job on my pitted nails, padding even my deepest defects.

Then the base coat (pink stuff) from the kit provides a somewhat sticky layer. You can pick from any of their zillion colors for the fun part of the starter pack; I went with Brain Power, a nice cream nude. After two coats of color, I finished with their clear top coat.

The color and top coats flow smoothly with the creamy consistency one expects from high-end nail color. After 24 hours, my activities have yet to chip the finish. Of course, the real test will come over the weekend. I will be tailgating in Columbia, MO, tomorrow. Can I handle beer bottles without nicks? I will let you know.

I do wish the system came with superpowers (or at least the ability to fly), but a decent manicure can be super, too.

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  • So, did you nick the fucken shitte out of those motherfuckers???

  • @TellDrtell says:

    Well, I bought this system to try it out yesterday (thanks, family and friends discount!). Have you used it since? How has subsequent wear been?

    Ever in search of an even better manicure (even though mine are pretty darned good).

    • whizbang says:

      I did 3 manis with the original color, all of which lasted 5 days without chipping. I have used the prep and top portions with other brands of color, also with good results.

      5 days is very good for me (I'm hard on my fingernails). Gel manis don't give me two full weeks.

      Short answer: I went back to Sephora yesterday (I had a 20% off coupon) and bought 2 more colors.

      • @TellDrtell says:

        Your powers of comment reply are super(b)! 🙂

        Glad to hear your continued review. I bought four colors, figuring that, if I didn't like the system or wear of one or two of them, I would just return the others.

        My Sunday morning mani is still going strong, but I'm looking forward to trying the X system soon.

        Sort of wishing that I had gotten the ridge-riller, though, with the propensity of my right hand nail to pit and peel until they get a bit longer, though.

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