Keeping Score: What Really Counts

Nov 03 2013 Published by under Feminist Musings

Earlier today I tweeted a story that really hit home based on the retweets:

Basically, when a man takes on an unpleasant task or otherwise does something "above and beyond" for a boss, that "favor" gets added to a mental tally of that which is owed. When a woman takes on such a task (extra teaching, committee work, etc) it is not counted as a "favor". No, it's  merely part of the service she should be providing.

On further reflection, this explains things at home as well. When my husband does chores indoors (dusting, vacuuming) he wants an acknowledgement of his extraordinary contribution to the housework, a cookie if you will. The fact that I have done 6 loads of laundry, cooked dinner, and cleaned the dishes is just my job.

When I help him with yard work, it's no big favor. It's just me doing my part.

This mentality may be, at least impart, generational. I suspect it is a common scenario in my age group.



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