Happy Black Friday Eve

Nov 28 2013 Published by under [Etc]

someecards.com - Yeah, Thanksgiving at my house looks nothing like this, either.
We used to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, before it became Black Friday. It was crowded, and there were good sales. It felt happy and chaotic and special. Then stores picked up on it and made it into "A Thing." Now it starts on Thanksgiving Day and has become something of which I want no part.

I will be cooking this year for my parents, my son, and my spouse. Football will be watched. We will eat too much. We will give thanks for urination and all our other joys. Then the good dishes will be hand washed while watching White Christmas and finishing off the wine.

Friday we will hibernate, stocking up sleep for Saturday's foray to Columbia, MO, to watch the final home game of the Missouri Tigers' football season.

Family, turkey, football...that's what Thanksgiving should be. I hope yours is filled with the same.

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