A Holiday Tradition

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Here I sit, waiting for patients that seem to be not showing up or being extremely late for their appointments. Lucky for me I can do this in my administrative office; the clinic computers will not let me blog!

This will be my last week at work this year. Next week I will be working at home to prepare for a big celebration, including both of my offspring arriving home on Monday. Once they leave the nest, you no longer are guaranteed their presence for holidays, so this year could be very special. That means exchanging gifts at the office this week. This morning, my secretary and nurses surprised me with a Page-a-Day calendar about shoes. And I mean cool, potentially unwearable and/or unaffordable shoes. Pure shoe porn.

I gave my co-workers my traditional gift, consisting of something chocolate and something from Heifer International. For 2013, I felt it wise to create real duck dynasties by donating flocks of ducklings:

Flock of Ducks for $20

Your gift of a flock of ducks gift provides project participants with a starter flock of ducklings. For millions around the world, duck eggs form the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Duck gifts benefit the family because they:

  • Yield eggs and protein for nourishment
  • Boost income through sales of ducks, their eggs, feathers and down

Ducks are good for people and for the environment. They rid the area of insects and weeds, and the eggs they lay provide protein for hungry families.

Thanks to your flock of ducks donation, families that begin with a starter flock can eventually manage hundreds of ducks. The money earned from selling the ducks and their eggs can afford a family the opportunity to send their children to school.

Last year my spouse went through the catalog, and we gave a water buffalo because how cool is it to tell people you bought a WATER BUFFALO?????!! This year our family gift will be a llama.

Llama! Only $150!

Please consider donating this holiday through Heifer International. Families get the means to provide themselves with food and income. This can then free children to go to school, as well as advancing the economy of an entire community when participants donate offpring of their animals to another family in a special ceremony.

Besides, you know you want to tell someone that they're getting bees this year...

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