End of the Year Meme

Dec 20 2013 Published by under Blog Maintenance

A couple of years ago, someone (DrugMonkey?) posted the title and first sentence or so of the first blog post of each month for the year. Here is my version for 2013:

Watching Football? You Need Chili!

Jan 02 2013

On New Year's Day, I settle in with the first bowl game and barely move until bedtime comes around. Crawling out of bed and fixing a dinner that simmers all day while I watch TV works great. I have an ulterior motive for posting this recipe; it may keep my relatives from calling for it!

Who Knew? WWII3D

Feb 05 2013

Last night I wound down from Science Online with a quiet evening alone with my spouse. He had recently acquired a new movie,World War II in 3D. Despite the History Channel logo, the title seemed like a B movie experience. I mean, the History Channel brings usPawn Stars, a show I enjoy but do not necessarily consider "historical." This is also the network home of Swamp People.

The Question is How: Coaching vs. Mentoring

Mar 01 2013

Everyone agrees that traditional degrees do not provide all the skills necessary to succeed in any endeavor. We constantly learn new things from ongoing education and from colleagues. Mentoring has received the most attention. We may also have coaches, often individuals paid to guide our career issues. Mentors may be unaware that we consider them mentors. Coaches may be certified and making their living. What is the difference between a coach and a mentor? Is payment the issue?

A Tale of Two Brackets: #Nephmadness

Apr 01 2013

My NCAA Bracket has now moved beyond dead. None of the Final Four show up in my picks. I can almost hear taps playing softly in the background as I write this post.

Not the NRA

May 05 2013

My weekend in Houston may be occurring at the same time as the NRA convention, but my group could not be more different. WESH, or Women Executives in Science and Healthcare, dedicates its efforts to changing the face of the biomedical health enterprise. Our group consists of leaders and aspiring leaders; while we grew out of academia, we have expanded out membership to hospital and medical management, biotech and other business enterprises, and other related field. Our annual spring summit this year addressed Women Leading to Succeed: New Frontiers in Medicine and Science. You can see the entire program through the link.

Null Hypothesis REJECTED

Jun 04 2013

Hypothesis: Having 3 of us performing the patient care load of 4 doctors will interfere with my other activities, including blogging.

Weed or Flower?

Aug 07 2013

Lots of students aspire to medical careers. Being a physician seems like a noble calling, you can always find a job, and it will make your parents proud. Over the years, interest in obtaining the coveted MD often exceeded the openings in medical colleges. Pre-med courses often served not only to provide essential knowledge for a medical career, but also to "weed-out" marginal students.

Long Time, No Blogging

Sep 09 2013

Things got a little crazy a few weeks back, and I just haven't had the energy to blog. I think that's turning around now, and I hope to have thoughts to share soon.

Nothing Scary Here

Oct 01 2013

Today begins open enrollment for individuals via the Affordable Care Act. If you have been following the antics of the House of Representatives this week, you would think life as we know it is ending today.

Back in Flight

Nov 01 2013

I write this post in the Oklahoma City airport, named for Will Rogers. This famous entertainer died in a plane crash, making the airport an ironic memorial.

Nutcracker musings

Dec 03 2013

December has arrived, bringing chilly weather and thoughts of nutcrackers...

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