A Standing Resolution

Jan 16 2014 Published by under General Health, gizmos

Like many of my readers, I once again resolved to improve my fitness in 2014. I actually did lose a few pounds in late 2013, and the scales remained stable over the holiday. Today I installed my latest device to assist the endeavor: a VariDesk.

Standing position (Click to Enlarge)

Standing position (Click to Enlarge)

This ingenious device provides a stable adjustable surface for your computer monitor and keyboard. When you need or want to sit (like when speaking with others seated in your office) the surface drops to 6 inches above your desktop. The keyboard can sit at a comfortable height just below the work surface on a keyboard area that pulls forward as needed.

When those pesky visitors depart, the return to standing work could not be easier. Two levers just under the work surface allow you to pull the desk up to the appropriate height and lock it in place.

My VariDesk, shown above, is the single monitor configuration. It weighs 41 pounds, and it can hold up to 35 pounds. The device also comes in a larger size for dual monitors that weighs 48 pounds. The single costs $275; the Pro configuration for two monitors runs $300. Both stands come fully assembled. Removing the packing material and setting up the VariDesk takes about 5 minutes.

In addition to the hardware, the company offers an app that lets you set the time you want to sit and stand. It then reminds you to change your position at the appropriate time. You can also enter your weight to estimate the calories you burn while standing.

Click to Enlarge

Not an eyesore (Click to Enlarge)

A whole parade of folks have toured my office this afternoon to see the VariDesk. I may have started a trend. In this case, that would be a very good thing.

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  • sop scientist says:

    How is your new VariDesk working out? I'd not seen it prior to your post. I am thinking of buying one. Now that you've been using it for a week, I'd love to hear an update.

  • […] one week, I am pleased to report that I still love my VariDesk. I am still standing for 20 minutes and sitting for 10 when in the office, although occasionally I […]

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