A Few Good Endocrinologists

Feb 04 2014 Published by under Opportunities

HiringMy spouse runs the section of Diabetes and Endocrinology in the Department of Internal Medicine at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. He has salary lines to recruit new faculty at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. They need clinician-educators and clinician-scientists. Yes, the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center is the elephant in the section, but faculty with interests in classical endocrinology would be welcome and supported.

Ads have been placed in the usual journals, but the other day my husband asked if I could spread the word with this social media thing. This from a guy who won't even open a Facebook account so he can see the photos his children post!

So help me out here. Let's show him the power of this brave new online world. If you are an endocrinologist, check out the section. If you know a potentially mobile endocrinologist, send them the information. Let's get the word out and fill these positions so I don't have to listen to him about this thing anymore!!!

Inquiries can be addressed to him via email. That can be found on the section page via the first link above.

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