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I confess; I have high clutter tolerance. As long as scattered objects are not growing mold, and the health department is not breaking down our door, I am fine with some stuff lying about. That does not mean I am immune to the seduction of an organizational system; no, given my love of gadgets and gizmos, devices that promise a neater existence usually find their way into my home.

For example, my husband and I both have stacks of t-shirts. We may come home from work and use one to work-out or do chores. After cleaning up, we may pop on another to relax around Maison Lane. For these uses, a tee can have a few gentle wrinkles, so drawer storage works fine. Unfortunately, we often want a particular shirt to show our support of a sports team or something. These drawers of shirts can become wadded piles of knit fabric after a bit of digging through their contents.

The folding board, my first find, can be seen on television:

My family has already compared me to Sheldon based on ownership of this apparatus; no more snark will be needed, thank you very much. The FlipFold neatly provides t-shirts in a uniform rectangle that easily stacks on a shelf or in a drawer. Many retail stores use it for their display stacks. Even if you do not have the obsessive tendencies to use it regularly, it makes packing for a trip much easier. Tees, polos, and dress shirts can all be managed with this tool.

Of course, when you want a specific shirt out of the drawer, you still have to dig. No matter how neatly folded they were at the start, the shirts end up jumbled after a few weeks. Enter the Pliio(R) filing system:


Filed and ready for duty

Filed and ready for duty

Meet my t-shirt drawer. I would not dare post a before shot (even with my clutter tolerance, it was THAT BAD), but now you can clearly see which shirt is which. I pull one out and tuck its Pliio back into the spot. Once laundry day rolls around, I collect my filers and refold the shirts to go back into the drawer.

Neckwear ready for duty

Lined up neatly in a row

I have also used this system with my scarf collection. Even with these thin silky fabrics, the "fold" created by the Pliio is soft and leaves little in the way of a crease; pull the scarf off, and it is ready to wear. These scarves in a basket are far less tempting to my cat than hanging from the usual scarf racks.

My light-weight knit yoga pants can be folded easily around these filers. They will not accommodate heavier items like sweaters or sweats.

Pliio folders can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond and at Amazon. A ten-pack costs about $20. That seems a small price to pay for this much neatness.

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