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Apr 10 2014 Published by under [Medicine&Pharma]

Today in one of my feeds, someone asked why a woman's employer should pay for her birth control. Seems if we ladies want to make the beast with two backs without creating new little beasts, we should be ready to put up our own funds for the privilege.

When you get right down to it, why should our employers pay for our check-ups? Or our blood pressure control? Or bypass surgery or Viagra for their executives (who are almost universally d00ds)?

Because it's the American Way! Not in a flag-waving, patriotic sense, but because, historically, health insurance became a benefit provided by employers in this country. Like-it-or-not, reproductive care is a major aspect of women's health. No contraception coverage? You'll be paying for babies then. Even women who practice celibacy (like nuns) may need interventions for polycystic ovary disease or other symptomatic conditions affecting those bits down there.*

As long as we have employers providing the bulk of health insurance, they will have to pay for reproductive services for women.

OK, I got that off my chest. I will try not to yell at my screen about it any longer.


*I personally know of a case where the convent had no trouble buying oral contraceptives to control symptoms of polycystic ovary disease for a young nun. Intent, in this case, trumped the name of the drug. Of course, the Roman Catholic medical center that employed me would not cover the same pills for me.

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  • Isabel says:

    One thing that is missing here, and even in gyno offices, is the awareness that condoms and some other forms of birth control are used to prevent spread of disease (my niece just went to a new gynochologist and when filling out the forms, noticed that "gay/lesbian" was a choice for what birth control do you use-I've seen post-menopause in the same place). How is that not public health related?? And timing childbirth, how is it not a health concern. And why does preventing pregnancy only concern the woman? Her partner is assumed to want to make babies every time? So much insanity!

  • Isabel says:

    That's gynecologist 🙂

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